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What our employees are saying about working at Hawksley Consulting

Having spent time in consulting and 15 years working in operational, capital and strategy roles within a client organization, I have a powerful and rarely found set of skills, which enables me to work with clients to improve the performance of their treatment and business processes whilst being cognizant of the realities of working within large utility organizations. Hawksley Consulting appreciates this pragmatism and, as such, owns this “sweet spot” between technical and business advisory services.

Louis Quartly


Working at Hawksley Consulting enables me to work on variety of projects and learn new skills with each progressing project. I have had the opportunity to participate in projects in different stages of its life cycle, and that has enabled me to look at a project and think about how different parts may interact with each other. Having the vision of a project lifecycle, along with the skills to solve problems, has a positive effect on satisfying a client’s needs.

Jasmine Washington

Associate Project Controls Analyst

Collaborating in order to provide effective solutions, for the benefit of our clients and customers is what keeps me going. Being able to call on many years of real world experiences in order to solve some of their complex problems is a truly rewarding adventure.

Eric Battle


I work at Hawksley Consulting because I am driven by providing innovative and ‘out of the box’ solutions to my clients. Hawksley Consulting encourages and expects these types of capabilities from its staff, and I appreciate having the opportunity to contribute to my profession and the communities I work with in this way. Being based in Brisbane, Australia, I work on many projects locally; however, being with Hawksley gives me exposure to global thought leadership, a world-wide network of similar professionals, and the ability to work internationally. These are experiences that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Stephen Dredge