Water is our planet’s most precious resource, and the water sector is our historical focus area. We help municipalities, utilities and private operators address the myriad of challenges facing today’s water and sewer service providers. Our integrated approach combines strategic planning, financial and risk evaluations with practical understanding of process, organization and technology. From helping urban utilities balance affordability with aging infrastructure reinvestment needs to redefining how integrated resource planning should weigh risk and optimize capital spend, our experienced consultants offer pragmatic advice to improve organizations’ financial sustainability and stakeholder relations.

Energy and Hydropower

Drawing on years of experience in the energy and hydropower markets, our experts identify capital and operational activities that increase efficiency, ensure system reliability, and provide sustainable solutions for clients and their communities. We understand that energy resources and requirements vary around the world and are proud to combine our global perspective and local knowledge to find innovative, cost effective energy solutions in developed and developing communities.

Global Development

We work with governments, international financial institutions and private foundations around the world to help foster sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic growth in developing countries. We support public and private investments in infrastructure, environmental stewardship, institutional strengthening, and other social and economic development priorities. From initial planning through design and implementation, we help clients identify and manage risks, devise long-term operations, maintenance, and financing strategies, manage critical environmental and social considerations, and promote community-based approaches that are integral to achieving effective and lasting development outcomes.


Our philosophy is to ensure that the transportation solutions for today are efficient, affordable and safe in the current environment and suitable for future generations. We offer a wide range of services for passenger, freight and sustainable transportation modes – from roads and bridges to rail networks. We work with clients in the public and private sectors, helping them manage and deliver transportation networks and infrastructure. We specialize in asset management, risk management and prioritization strategies for transportation projects around the world.

Private Industry

We implement practical ideas and develop innovative solutions to help industrial, oil and gas, mining and other multinational companies manage the critical global challenges of the 21st century. Using an integrated approach that combines strategic, financial, social and environmental considerations, we help our clients build and maintain sustainable business operations, reduce their environmental footprint and secure a social license to operate.