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Effecting fundamental change is hard: it requires new processes, organizational desire and capabilities, and technological enablers. Our business transformation approach addresses these challenges head on to help clients achieve tangible and sustainable improvements. We help clients fundamentally transform the way they do business so their operational performance aligns with their high-level objectives.

Asset-intensive organizations require dedicated focus not just on the assets themselves, but also on the people, tools, and processes that deliver services. These organizations face workforce demographic challenges, ever-tightening budgets, and ongoing infrastructure deterioration. To address these challenges, our business transformation experts offer seasoned, industry-specific guidance in how to push beyond industry “best practice” and achieve meaningful improvements. Hawksley Consulting applies proven and innovative techniques honed with clients from around the world. We offer the accumulated learning and experience of the U.K. water industry, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and the U.S., with recommendations and insights tailored for local realities.

Recent Successes

Water; Hawksley ConsultingOperations and Monitoring Control
South Australian Clean Water Utility

As part of the project, Hawksley Consulting implemented a suite of decision support tools and supporting processes to ensure the optimal operation of a metropolitan water supply system from source to tap. Within 12 months of going live, this world leading technology solution saved the client more than $3.5 million in energy costs. A measurable improvement of more than 10% has also been seen in network management activities such as water quality event management, customers impacted by events, network failure response, and reduction in disruption times. The client expects further savings in the coming years through capital deferral and refined asset management strategies.

Brunei; Hawksley ConsultingEnhancing Maintenance Management Practices
Southeast Asian Public Works Department

This project established a more systematic approach to maintenance management and drove a shift from reactive to planned maintenance activities. Underpinned by the implementation of an enterprise-wide assessment platform (Maximo/ArcGIS), the project focused on embedding these systems to achieve day-to-day business efficiencies. As a result of these efforts, the utility saw a 350% improvement in response times and an annual $250,000 savings in non-revenue water costs related to improved responses to unplanned incidents.

Water Utility; Hawksley ConsultingActivity and Asset Management Planning
National Military Organization

This asset management engagement started with the goal of improving the client’s strategic and financial management planning, policy formulation, and financial quality assurance while maintaining an acceptable level of risk while implementing a 20% budget cut. The team developed strategic Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for each of the 86 major bases, including all water, wastewater, drainage, electricity, gas, and fuel sectors to roll up to a single AMP used by headquarters for planning, budget allocation, and risk evaluation. The client now has a consistent, transparent approach to asset investment planning across its diverse asset base.

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